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Water Treatment Equipment
purified water machine
purified water machine

Product Overview

According to the raw water quality report and the output water quality requirement of the customer, GORUN can provide you a full range of configuration about purified water equipment. Depends on different configuration, the water quality can meet the requirement of CP2010. USP34, EP7 to the purified water or ultra purified water。Purification process has various combinations, such as RO+EDI、RO+RO、RO+RO+EDI、RO+EDI+UF, etc.The equipment uses modular production with rational and compact structure and small occupying area. The perfect control system ensures safe and reliable operation. Double softener arranged in series prevents dead water produced by spare process equipment. The whole process has no intermediate water tank with low contamination risk. The equipment has unique internal circulation mode with dual water supply, realizing internal cycle in water machine.

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